Pilgrim Zoé

Bright diffusion

Zoe is a smooth lamp concealing an aroma diffuser system.
The purpose of the project was designing a high end furniture piece to be integrated in sophisticated house environment, rather than a household appliance specific for domestic tasks.
The shapes and finishes have been chosen to give a gentle, smooth, yet solid and reliable user experience: the bulb in acid etched back painted glass perfectly diffuses the light, while the base in real oak veneer gives a materic and natural look & feel.


  • Zoé Aroma diffuser mandalaki design


  • Zoé Mandalaki design

A minimal display system integrated in the product’s plinth provides a discrete LED feedback that shows the current operating mode.
The electronic system is controlled by a remote whose layout is designed by Mandalaki as well, in order to ease the user interface, for a complete wellness and relax experience.

Indiegogo campaign

With Zoe, we’ve created functional décor that brings overwhelming mental and emotional wellbeing into people’s home. Zoe helps you to sleep better, de-stress, tackle a cold or even disinfect your home’s air with high-quality aromatherapy, meditation light and humidity.
Mandalaki collaborated and set up the Indiegogo campaign as an additional service for the client, also by providing the film direction and organisation in our headquarter.


  • Mandalaki Pilgrim Zoe design lamp
  • Mandalaki Pilgrim Zoe design lamp
  • Zoe Mandalaki studio design Aroma diffuser

Essential oil packaging

  • pilgrim essential oil mandalaki

Our aim was to coordinate the line’s image with the rest of products made by the company, in particular with existing aroma diffusers largely diffused in Chinese market, and rising category in Europe. That’s why the company chooses and produces their essential oils in France, for a 100% pure essential mix.

  • pilgrim essential oil mandalaki
  • pilgrim essential oil mandalaki

Graphic design, colours and logotypes on the bottles are studied to make the product instantly recognisable by users and to stand out among other products once exposed in a store.

  • pilgrim essential oil mandalaki