Hightone Offices

Via Morimondo 38, Milan.

In 2016, Mandalaki studio designed and realised the Italian office for its long time partner Hightone creative group LTD.
The work consisted in both directional and operational offices design as well as internal architecture of office’s foyer and lecture room.
The open space and closed offices at first and second floor have been made in cooperation with Unifor Spa, while the bespoke reception desk, bench and custom illuminated partition at ground floor have been designed and built along with the studio’s specialized partner Daniele Bolgan, an highly skilled craftsman from Venice.
 The aim of the project was heating up the space (largely made in concrete or cement resin) with bleached oak wood volumes standing alone in the ground, with gentle lines of warm light and colored touches provided by armchairs and pillows.
The offices are currently used by the Hightone company for its succesful operations, and the ground floor space works properly for conferences and speeches: in 2017 it has been attended by a Chinese government delegacy for an International summit with Italian partners.


Through the office design process, we had the opportunity to develop a translucent light-spreading wall system, suitable both to hide the stairwell and light up the reception space.
The frame is in solid oak wood, consistent with all the office finiture, and the translucent panels are in white polycarbonate. The system diffuses a warm light coming from stripe leds, concealed inside extruded aluminum supports, integrated into the wood posts.