Outdoor floating solar light

Flow is the second lamp for Earth Solar solution. In formal, aesthetic and technological continuity with model Brick, Flow is a solar powered lamp, with an high efficiency solar cell and a long lasting autonomy. Its light, transparent and minimal design is enhanced by technology: the solar cells integrated into the cap allow to have a transparent glass body, since no wires are used in the lamp construction. Thus, in the night time the user will see the magical effect of a flatlight surface floating in the air while the glass structure disappears. 


  • mandalaki design solar lamp glass lamp
The simple design of the lamp gives the opportunity to customise the lamp’s top according to projects requirements, by adding patterns or serigraphs on glass surface. The body is in low iron transparent tempered glass, compliant with safety requirements of private and public spaces; the base, made in powder coated aluminum, can be fixed to many types of pavings with special flush bolts.

Solar cell technology