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Earth Solar Solution Brick

Light from the sun

Brick is an integrated solar lamp designed for illuminating pavement. It fits perfectly in the ground and its body blends smoothly with the existing natural patterns. Customised dimensions allow Brick to be easily installed and to match a variety of paving types. Designed for Earth Solar Solution company.


  • mandalaki studio solar lamp design

Harnessing the power of the sun for a sustainable future with a high quality solar lamp made in Italy. The Brick solar lamp offers an autonomy of 27 hours of light. It is made with high quality aluminum and tempered glass that encloses a long lasting battery, which has an extended lifespan of more than 4 years.

  • mandalaki studio solar lamp pavement

Installing Brick solar lamps, not only helps you to save energy but allows you to contribute significantly to the current challenges in energy and climate change,  for a sustainable living by using the most available renewable source of energy that we have access to, the Sun.


  • mandalaki studio solar lamp design
  • Mandalaki Solar Lamp
  • Mandalaki Solar Lamp
  • brick mandalaki solar lamp

Designed for each paving and innovated in every detail. Earth is designed from the ground up to be the safest lamp for pavement. Much of its safety is owed to its unique aluminum body and tempered glass. It meets all the requirements of the standard EN 60598-2-13 regarding vehicle and pedestrian use and is therefore ideal for lighting all the areas provided by the regulations, such as driveways, parks, pedestrian zones and other designated areas.


  • Earth solar lamp
  • Earth solar lamp