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Innerfloat Balance

Designed around the human mind

Three years of research and development led to the final version of the floating tank designed by Mandalaki studio for the Italian startup Innerfloat.
Floatation tanks are tools used nowaday in bio-medic, neuroscientific and psychological fields as well as in wellness centers, health spa and highly specialized sports centers. This kind of appliances allow brain’s growth by slowing its aging, support the hemispheric cerebral synchronization and consistency, help the Superlearning, assist the brain self-regulation, through a conscious mind and body augmented control.


  • Mandalaki Innerfloat Balance 2
  • Mandalaki Innerfloat Balance

The product is composed by a steel frame and a polished fiberglass cocoon, containing a semi-saturated solution that allows even slimmest bodies to float above the water surface, only 25 cm deep. Moreover, a sheet made of pressed marine plywood divides the object into two parts, minimizing the structure weight.

Balance has a minimal, disrupting and futuristic appearance and essence, result of a deep functional, aesthetic and ergonomic research.


  • floating tank mandalaki design
  • floating tank mandalaki design

Balance is proposed as a tool suitable for installation in specialized wellness centers, but it’s also targeted to domestic environments; Therefore the communication through logotype and website, both developed by Mandalaki, is headed to broaden the audience and to explain the product in a direct way, in order to involve even the inexperienced target.